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China - North America Real Estate Remittance

Meson helps Mainland Chinese send and receive money for real estate transactions in Canada and the United States. We use Bitcoin technology to make it faster, less expensive, and more private than traditional bank transfers, carrying cash across borders, and using friends’ bank accounts.

Use Meson For:

Purchasing a property

Meng Zhang lives in Beijing. She is purchasing a house in Alhambra, California for her two children who are studying at UCLA. When it comes time to pay for the property, she wires the full amount in one transfer to Meson in Shanghai. We then convert her Renminbi into bitcoin, then into dollars. Meson sends the dollars to the U.S. escrow company.

Receiving Rent

Bo Xi owns a small office building in Vancouver, British Columbia. He has four tenants who each pay $3,500 in rent each month. The tenants send their rent to Meson. We convert it into bitcoin. Mr. Xi can then receive the rent in bitcoin, or Meson can convert the bitcoin into Renminbi for him.

Expatriate Remittance

Judy Chan is an American citizen working in Shanghai. While she is overseas, she is sub-letting her apartment in Los Angeles. Each month she needs to send money back to the United States for her mortgage payment and student loans. Meson allows her to take her Renminbi paycheck and make direct transfers in dollars to the U.S. banks servicing her loans.

Meson charges only 2% and uses the market rate for conversion between Renminbi and Dollars. Most transactions can be completed in less than two hours. Money can be sent from, or received at, any bank account a customer desires in China, Hong Kong, or North America.

Meson is an international team of noted experts in real estate, Bitcoin, and Chinese - North American remittance. We have offices in southern California, New York City, and Shanghai.

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